ACWTV is a division of Attila's Creative Works LLC

Attila’s Creative Works LLC (ACW) was formed in 2005 by entrepreneur and entertainment industry veteran Attila Juhasz (IMDb).

ACW launched ACW TV with the publishing of WimZTV on Roku in 2016. ACW owns and operates Roku AVOD channels Western TV & Movie Classics, Classic TV & Film, Baby Boomer TV, WimZTV, Yesterfear and others.  ACW published its SVOD channel in 2020 called Dial Back TV. ACW produced and distributed the Apple and Android game Zombie Squash (2012-2019) starring the voice talent of George A. Romero, the godfather of zombiedom and director of Night of the Living Dead. ACW produced  the original short Barto’s TV From Earth playing on Amazon Prime and WimZTV.

From 2005 through 2012, Attila Juhasz was contracted as Marketing Director & Project Manager for Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford’s Metal God Entertainment. He also wrote and edited music documentaries distributed by Universal Music, Sony Japan and Warner ADA.

In 1996,  Attila created the first commercial genre web site and in 1998 sold it to publicly traded Unapix Entertainment Inc. who hired him as Director of Internet Marketing.

In  the mid ’90s, he was a columnist for Sci-Fi Teen magazine, a contributing writer to Fangoria. In 1992, he published the hard rock heavy metal magazine New York Onslaught distributed by Tower Records.

Attila Juhasz, CEO of ACWTV

Attila Juhasz

CEO, Owner (ACWTV)