ACWTV is a division of Attila's Creative Works LLC

Welcome to ACWTV, a division of Attila’s Creative Works LLC (ACW), founded in 2005 by entrepreneur and entertainment industry veteran Attila Juhasz (IMDb). With a rich history in the entertainment world, ACW has established itself as a leading player in the streaming industry.

In 2016, ACW launched ACW TV with the introduction of WimZTV on Roku, marking the beginning of our journey into the world of streaming. Since then, our family of apps has grown exponentially, collectively amassing over 4 million installations on Roku devices. ACW owns and operates a diverse range of Roku AVOD channels, including Western TV & Movie Classics, Classic TV & Film, Baby Boomer TV, WimZTV, Yesterfear, and more. In 2020, we expanded our offerings with the launch of our SVOD channel, Dial Back TV.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional content extends beyond streaming platforms, as we have also produced and distributed the popular Apple and Android game Zombie Squash from 2012 to 2019, featuring the iconic voice talent of George A. Romero, the godfather of zombiedom and director of Night of the Living Dead. Additionally, ACW has created original content such as the short film Barto’s TV From Earth, available on Amazon Prime and WimZTV.

Before ACW, Attila Juhasz made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. From 2005 to 2012, he served as the Marketing Director & Project Manager for Rob Halford’s Metal God Entertainment, the company of Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford. He also wrote and edited music documentaries distributed by Universal Music, Sony Japan, and Warner ADA. Attila’s passion for the arts and his expertise in the industry led him to create the pioneering genre website in 1996, which was later sold to publicly traded Unapix Entertainment Inc. in 1998. Attila was subsequently appointed as the Director of Internet Marketing for the company. His extensive experience includes being a columnist for Sci-Fi Teen magazine, a contributing writer to Fangoria, and the publisher of the acclaimed hard rock heavy metal magazine New York Onslaught, distributed by Tower Records in 1992.

At ACWTV, we are driven by our love for entertainment and our dedication to delivering exceptional streaming experiences. Join us as we continue to redefine the world of digital entertainment with our diverse range of channels and captivating content.

Attila Juhasz, CEO of ACWTV

Attila Juhasz

CEO, Owner (ACWTV)