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1 Million+ Active Installs for Western TV & Movie Classics

Western TV & Movie Classics has surpassed 1 million Active Installs.

Thank you VERY MUCH to our THOUSANDS of daily viewers.

Thank you to all our advertisers, whose networks brought their ads to Western TV & Movie Classics enabling a free user experience.

ACWTV is extremely proud of the following Western TV & Movie Classics highlights and milestones.

  • Highest Ranked Western Movie channel in Roku channel store (see screenshot below)
  • 2 Million+ Monthly Ad Impression Opportunities in December 2019
  • 1,000,000+ Active Installs
  • 92% of Installs Stay Installed
  • Named #1 Western channel in Roku’s official blog & video


screenshot taken January 4, 2020

ACW’s Roku Channel Network increases to Seven Channels adding Abbott & Costello Classics, Baby Boomer Horror and Baby Boomer Cartoons

Attila’s Creative Works LLC increased its network of Roku channels to 7 channels publishing Baby Boomer Cartoons, Baby Boomer Horror and Abbott & Costello Classics.

Abbott & Costello Classics was added to Roku’s New & Notable section of the Channel Store this morning.

On August 7th, ACW added its 4th channel to its lineup, Western TV & Movie Classics, which immediately increased the networks viewership by 20% in less than a month.

The first three channels of the ACW network, WimZTV (published 9/9/16), Yesterfear (published 10/5/16) and Baby Boomer TV (just published on 6/26/2017), collectively have over 100,000 active viewers and have streamed over 7.5 million minutes of content.

100,000+ Active Views
7.5 Million Minutes Watched

What Roku Channel Category has the Most Channels? It’s Not Movies & TV.

With Roku’s staggering popularity, growth and OTT market-share dominance, it’s no surprise that businesses and content owners of all sizes are rushing to build Roku channels of there own.

While it seems that everyone I know is watching Movie & TV channels like Netflix, Amazon, Baby Boomer TV, Hulu and others, one might think that the Movie & TV category has the most channels, when in fact it is the second most popular category for Roku channel developers.

The most popular category is Religious with 1,319 channels (22.6% of all Roku channels) with Movies & TV coming in second with 883 channels (15.1% of all Roku channels).

So, what category fits your business? Here is a list of the Roku channel categories with their respective number of channels per category (as of August 8, 2017).

Category – # of Channels
Movies & TV – 883
TV Everywhere – 51
Music – 338
Games – 136
Apps – 62
Comedy – 136
Educational – 148
Fitness – 80
Food – 151
International – 152
Kids & Family – 366
Lifestyle – 280
News & Weather – 359
Personal Media – 45
Photo Apps – 18
Religious – 1319
Sci & Tech – 71
Screensavers – 182
Shopping – 40
Special Interest – 376
Sports – 287
Themes – 32
Travel – 228
Web Video – 105